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Holy Trinity has been meeting regularly in the lovely chapel in Waterville. Our schedule has been changed a little to allow us to have Mass on important Sundays.

Our usual Morning Prayer on the third Sunday of the month interfered with celebrating Mass on important Sundays such as Palm Sunday and Trinity Sunday which this year both fell on third Sundays.

With the onset of summer we will return to our regular schedule.

We are thinking ahead to a summer parish picnic at the coast. Our deacon, the Rev. Mr. Edwin Kalish has been talking with the college chaplains at Colby College here in Waterville. He and his wife Linda attended a gathering at the Colby Chapel to hear religious and gospel songs.
----------Shyla Spear



Excerpts from the June 2011 Northeast Anglican

From the Canon Missioner, Father Jim Hurd

On Sunday, March 27, 2011 I had the privilege and honor of meeting with the members of Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Waterville, ME. We met after Mass for brunch at the Kennebec Cafe, The congregation and I then moved our meeting to the dining room of the home of Richard & Shyla Spear (where, incidentally, Holy Trinity Parish was formed in December 2004). We opened the meeting with a prayer. We then went on to discuss the unique aspects of the development of Holy Trinity Church. It was emphasized that, for Holy Trinity, a major accomplishment over the past six years has been their survival as a group worshiping together weekly. As members of the Church, they bear witness to their faith by LIVING THE LIFE . When there was talk of how far the deacon and others drive to attend on Sundays, the members of the congregation were encouraged to ask themselves what brings them back week after week.

We then went on to speak about the richness of Anglican tradition, and of Cranmer's liturgy. There was much talk of contemporary society with its lack of moral imperatives and its unwillingness to accept discipline. It was further discussed that the Christian denominations that seem to experience the greatest growth are those which point to scriptural sources and issue clear directions to their adherents. It was noted that main-line denominations are shedding their religious character, and becoming more like social-service organizations.

We then addressed the question of outreach, it was noted that each very quietly does things for others, and for those in the community. While this kind of behavior is not doorbell- ringing evangelism it is surely a significant element of the mission to which we are called.

It was then suggested that contact be made with local college students and also with local-access cable television as means of becoming more visible in the community.

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